April 29, 2016

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Bruce Newman
Even in the winter, Square Books’ balcony provides a spot for lovers, friends, students, writers and just your everyday person to enjoy peace overlooking the historic Square and has for more than 25 years.

Square Books balcony inspires many, is enjoyed

Square Books owner Richard Howorth sits in front of a laptop and a colorful stained glass window that features the image of a small book. ... Read more

Oxford beauty pageant set for Jan. 16

An annual beauty pageant will give students the opportunity to improve self-esteem while supporting the band. The Oxford High School Beauty Review will be hosted ... Read more

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Oxford to make room for food trucks

Being known for its eclectic range of restaurants, Oxford officials are considering an ordinance to help manage food trucks looking to set up shop in ... Read more

Pavilion programs being planned without grant

Oxford didn’t make the final cut for a grant that would have brought a music festival to the new pavilion in town. The Yoknapatawpha Arts ... Read more

City puts brakes on engine brakes

Large trucks are going to have to use their regular brakes when slowing down to stop while inside the city of Oxford. On Tuesday, the Oxford ... Read more