New items and a scandal put to rest in yesterday’s papers

Published 12:00 pm Wednesday, October 28, 2015

New things are a plenty from 2013, 2010, 1997 and 1983, and then there’s a community scandal put to rest from 1973 that had to be reprinted verbatim today in 2015.

Oct. 28, 2013

Hunters’ Hollow to relocate, add archery, gun ranges

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Local hunters will have a treat with Hunters’ Hollow’s major expansion and relocation from its longtime home on West Oxford Loop to a new location on Highway 6 by June 2014.

The family owned business plans to invest more than $2 million in the new facility, which will feature an indoor archery and indoor gun range as well as an expanded variety of outdoor brands and products.

Oct. 28, 2010

Pocket park makes progress

After more than a year of discussion, efforts to create a new park near the Garden Terrace subdivision are moving forward.

The west Oxford neighborhood could have a park in the next year if all goes well, according to representatives that have gone before the Oxford Park Commission.

The major players will have fundraisers in the near future to help with efforts.

Oct. 28, 1997

Board looking for input on new school

A four-hour work session is coming for Oxford School Board members to determine a strategy to get community input on how to design and build a new $5.1 million middle school.

An Oct. 14 bond election was a success by an almost 90 percent vote — the most successful bond election the district has ever seen.

Nov. 1, 1983

Finishing touches put on Oxford Mall

Crews are working around the clock for the Wednesday opening of the Oxford Mall.

Shelves are being stocked, store fronts painted, floors waxed and park benches and potted plants positioned.

“The mall is in real good shape,” said Cheryle McCue, corporate communications manager for the mall developer. “In fact, this mall is probably ahead of schedule as compared to other malls we have built.”

Oct. 29, 1973

Mother puts to rest suspicions of hanky panky at her house

Bel Air neighbors have been scandalized by the carryings-on at Martha Raye’s house.

Handsome young men are seen trooping through the front door at all hours of the day where they spend the night, or several days before leaving again.

Single now, after six marriages, Martha’s reputation is endangered.

Most of her visitors are in their 20s. Martha, 57, put suspicion to rest by admitting the young fellows are all “members of my family.”

In truth, the parade of males to Martha’s door is the result of posting her telephone number and address on bulletin boards the breadth of South Vietnam which she visited 12 times in nine years while she was a nurse.

The veterans stay at her house, eat, relax, “sit around and rap for hours” and enjoy one another’s company, she said.