Give OK to Oxford Commons

Published 12:01 pm Tuesday, November 24, 2015

I am Kaye H. Bryant, a citizen of Oxford, for 76 years.

I am also former state chairman of The Mississippi Forestry Commission.

I have a vested interest in maintaining the beauty and charm of my community and the preservation of green space and tree canopy.

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However, in the matter referenced before the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers regarding a request filed by the Oxford Commons, I truly think the release of approximately ½ acre of wetland will benefit not only the community but the environment.

I have watched this development carefully since it started. For the first time Oxford has a development that has been carefully planned.  The trees that have been planted are outstanding!  Walking trails are being developed and every attention being given to necessary mitigation.

There is no planned commercial development on the east side of town.  If you have traveled Jackson Avenue on the west side, you know what a planning disaster it is.  Those of us who live on the east side of town desperately need a commercial area we can approach without risking our lives!  This will greatly benefit the entire community and bring some balance to the growth of Oxford.  I urge that you give this request your approval.

Kaye H. Bryant