Convenience store on Highway 7 gets planning approval

Published 6:00 am Sunday, November 29, 2015

The Lafayette County Planning Commission gave its approval – by a 4-1 vote – for the construction of a new convenience store on Highway 7.

Dee’s Properties was seeking final plat approval for the project and were granted permission following changes to the original design.

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County engineer Larry Britt made the presentation to the commission Monday evening in the absence of Ward Engineering. According to Britt, the plan originally called for onsite sewer and water, but the owners have since gone before the city of Oxford seeking to tie into the cities sewer and water lines. Britt also said the retention system has been recalculated. A food service area was also added to the current plan, which Britt believes may be the reason they decided to tie into the cities water and sewer system.

“I really like the retention and I’m glad they’re getting sewer and water from the city,” Britt said.

Britt and county inspector Joel Hollowell believe the construction will now have to go by the International Building Codes (ICB) and International Fire Codes (IFC) that have since been adopted by the county since the developers first came before the commission in 2014.

“They have not begun construction and now they’re asking for approval after that May 1 deadline,” Britt said. “I was going to tell them tonight that this building shall be constructed to meet all requirements as set forth by the 2012 International Building Cod and International Fire Code.”

Britt also suggested the commission should make sure anything that what was required in the first preliminary — a retaining wall, access to the back, lighting — is incorporated into the final plat approval.

Hollowell said the plan that has been submitted is a very simple drawing, with no details of construction. “Part of our normal process is a set of plans,” Hollowell said.

Britt said Dee’s Oil, which is the developer of the convenience store, generally builds their own stores “but that does not relieve them of giving it to Joel.”

Commissioner Johnny Sowell, who voted against approval, said he would have liked for the developers to come before the commission and present their own plan.