Value life and don’t fear living

Published 12:00 pm Thursday, December 10, 2015

The attacks last week in San Bernardino, California, that killed 14 people and injured 21 others have many Americans feeling uneasy on so many matters. This was the deadliest attack on American soil since 9/11.

Americans live in one of the safest countries in the world during a reasonably peaceful time in the country’s history. Are many Americans living in fear from doing some of the activities they used to do such as going to a movie, concert or a football game where crowds will be gathered?

Since the unthinkable shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, in December 2012, there have been many mass shootings in the United States. Are Americans just realizing this is a normal part of our lives now and turning a blind eye?

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In 2013, statistics released by Gun Violence Archives regarding gun violence said that less than 2 percent of more than 33,000 gun deaths in the country were due to mass shootings. Every 12 months, more than 130,000 people are shot and left with physical injuries and health care bills that can’t be paid.

Some researchers have forecast that in 2015 there will be more deaths caused by bullets than by car accidents, which has always been the leading cause of death due to injury in the United States.

The latest attacks in San Bernandino followed the deadly attacks in Paris. The assailants, Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik, were linked to radicalized jihadists. Both suspects were killed after exchanging gunfire with the police. Both of the deceased suspects were dressed in “assault-style” clothing and were armed with assault rifles and handguns when they opened fire.

Every time one of these mass shootings takes place, it seems the issue of gun control comes up. Pawn and gun shop business spikes as Americans believe their right to bear arms under the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution is coming under attack.

Public opinion polls reflect that Americans are concerned about gun violence and want some type of laws to reduce deaths by gunfire. It seems our government is deadlocked when it comes to instituting new regulations.

This quote from actor Samuel L. Jackson says a lot to gun control and what it means to many Americans. “I don’t think it’s about more gun control. I grew up in the South with guns everywhere and we never shot anyone. This (shooting) is about people who aren’t taught the value of life.”