Taylor leaders preparing for growth

Published 9:50 am Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Taylor is doing all the right things to get ready for population growth that is impacting Lafayette County.

Implementing zoning, forming a planning commission, ensuring utilities and infrastructure are in place and putting requirements on builders are all things that seem like they should be mandatory for every community, but they aren’t in rural, developing America.

The latest news that Taylor is getting high-speed fiber to the home for superior Internet access is more good news. It not only adds to the list of appealing things about the village of roughly 300 or so people, but also enables those who want to work from home or work on large projects or greatly help children with homework successfully to live there.

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Paying for a study to assess just what the village leaders can expect was smart and forward-thinking also. It makes sense to capitalize on the fact the experts are in Oxford right now working on Vision 2037 and to get them over to Taylor to crunch numbers and see what they think for themself. Plein Air developer Campbell McCool should be commended for making it happen.

The report showed that people aren’t just moving to Taylor, which is a natural fit to become a bedroom community for those working in Oxford, particularly people who work at the hospital, which is on that side of town. People also are starting businesses. In fact, more are popping up every year.

If Taylor gets all the businesses necessary for residents to stay put until they need the big things and make a trip to town, that will really cause a population growth, particularly by those folks interested in the walkable community concept like young professionals and empty nesters.

Next time you are visiting Taylor, which will likely be to purchase a piece of art or eat some catfish at Taylor Grocery, drive around and see what the town leaders and developers have done lately.  It might just intrigue you, especially if you like quiet, peaceful living and are looking for a spot to retire, or if you want your kids to have a dozen acres to play on and then come inside, wash up and do their homework on high-speed, dependable Internet.