We thank Jay Hughes for notices

Published 12:00 pm Monday, March 7, 2016

Oxford’s Jay Hughes, as a Mississippi House of Representatives leader for District 12, sends out daily email blasts about what goes on in the chambers of Jackson. Sometimes they are more than once a day. Sometimes they are not about action, rather they are explanations of terms and why the legislature is doing something.

The staff at The Oxford EAGLE is watching these emails, his Facebook posts and keeping up to speed with what’s going on, and about once a week a resident will be so encouraged by what they read in his notes or so enraged by what does or does not get done in Jackson, the resident will forward on his email and encourage us to run it in the paper.

We are thankful for Hughes keeping us up to speed through technology. This is something all legislators should consider doing to keep their constituents up to speed and keep residents aware of their position on items that are being discussed in Jackson, and up in Washington, D.C.

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Hughes is ensuring we are educated about what is going on in our state, what its future holds and in the long run allowing us to be better educated voters.

If you are not on his email list and want to be, reach out to him at Jayfordistrict12@gmail.com.