Mom gives life more blessings

Published 12:00 pm Thursday, May 5, 2016

am truly blessed — in so many different ways. I know most of us like to think we are blessed and I am sure we are in one way or another. But do we ever really stop and think about how blessed we are?

I took pause this week and stopped to think about all that I have in life. I’m fortunate to have my health, a daughter who is doing well on her own. Have I mentioned she got married? A job that I still enjoy doing after nearly 30 years and most importantly, a family that would literally do anything in the world for me and know I would do the same for them.

The reason my family is so very strong and tight with one another is the glue that holds it together — my mother, who I am incredibly blessed to say is still with us when so many of my friends can no longer say that, as their mother has passed on.

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Like so many of you, I can say that my mother has been my strongest supporter in whatever I did, good or bad. She loved and still loves me unconditionally. When life has not gone as I had planned, it was my Mom who was there to talk to me, whether I wanted her to or not. And when life has gone well, it was Mom who was there to cheer me on — whether I wanted her to or not.

I know with complete confidence both of my younger brothers would say the same thing about my Mom. And many of my friends would say so as well. I have had several friends who have gone to my Mom for advice or to seek her input and wisdom when making life decisions. The reason being is that my Mom keeps life simple. She doesn’t see a lot of gray, just the facts that are black and white and draws her own conclusion based upon those facts.

The main reason my Mom is the way she is, is because of her mother and the wisdom she passed down. My grandmother was a very wise lady who was full of knowledge. When I was going to college at Delta State, I would often go and visit and get a good home-cooked meal that was also served with a side of wisdom about life. When I left my grandmother’s home, my life troubles didn’t seem to be as big as they were when I arrived. I get that same feeling when I go for a visit to the Coast to see my Mom.

So as I sit here on a Wednesday thinking about all that I am blessed with, I have to put my Mom at the top of the list as we head into this Mother’s Day weekend. I don’t call as often as I need to or come visit as much as I should, but I realize how truly blessed I am to have the mother that I was blessed with.

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