Mississippi’s flag must change

Published 6:00 am Sunday, July 31, 2016

Mississippi’s flag must change.

The Confederate symbol that flies in the upper left hand corner of Mississippi’s flag continues harming our state beyond repair and it must stop.

The most recent controversy came during the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia when the Mississippi flag was removed from a display of all U.S. state flags because protestors found it offensive.

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The story made national headlines, which is a recurring theme for Mississippi and its flag. 

No other states have the Confederate symbol in their flag, yet a majority of Mississippi’s political leadership refuse to make the change despite recurring controversy and irreparable harm.

The Confederate flag is a part of our heritage, but it is also a symbol of slavery and segregation that is offensive within this state and outside of this state.

Our economy is suffering and we need growth, yet recruiting businesses is hard with a Confederate symbol flying on the state flag. And that must change.

Mississippi needs to make a statement. Mississippi needs to change its flag, now.