OUT buses going blue?

Published 12:00 pm Friday, August 12, 2016

out-logoOxford University Transit buses may soon get a makeover.

On Wednesday, the Oxford Transit Commission agreed on a new exterior for existing and future OUT buses that included logos for the city of Oxford and the University of Mississippi on a navy blue background.

Will Hunt, owner of Hunt Marketing Firm, was hired by the commission earlier this summer to design exteriors for the buses.

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On Tuesday, he presented several renderings of choices, including the buses in red or navy blue, with a red and white stripe or without, with the city and university’s logos or with a picture of the Lyceum and City Hall.

“We wanted it to be very clear it wasn’t an Ole Miss bus or a city of Oxford bus, but a joint transit bus,” Hunt said.

Hunt said he preferred the navy blue design.

“It’s bolder but not as bold as the red,” he said.

The commission agreed and after a brief discussion, the commission also agreed they preferred the navy blue design that has the logos for both entities. They asked Hunt to return in September with a drawing of what their preferred design would look like with the red and white strip and the city’s new logo, which is currently being redesigned.

Would begin with six buses

If approved by the Oxford Board of Aldermen, the redesign would begin with six buses. The buses would be wrapped with new exterior vinyl rather than be repainted which is much more expensive. The wraps would cost about $18,000 for the six buses.

New future buses would be constructed and painted with the new exterior colors and logos.

The vinyl wrapping lasts two to four years, depending on how often the buses are washed and weather conditions; however the commission decided it was still more financially feasible to wrap the existing buses since it’s a much less expensive option than repainting the current buses, some of which will be routed out in a few years due to age.

Once the aldermen approve the redesign, the six buses could be sporting their new look within six weeks.