Crime reports/Emergencies

Published 10:33 am Monday, October 3, 2016

— Friday-Sunday

Oxford Police Department


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1 ambulance assist

10 suspicious activities

13 disturbing the peace complaints

4 animal complaints

2 vehicle burglaries

4 recovered property

17 alarms

1 false pretense

4 petty thefts

9 improper parking complaints

4 welfare concerns

2 suspicious vehicles

4 suspicious persons

3 noise violations

3 malicious mischiefs

1 civil matter

1 scam

1 obstructing traffic

1 domestic disturbance

2 simple assaults

1 lost property

2 reported DUI’s

1 elderly assist

1 trespassing

3 911 hang-ups

1 motorist assist

24 wrecks

101 traffic citations


14 public drunks

2 no headlights, possession of drug paraphernalia and 1

3 noise violations (post arrest citations)

1 petit larceny

2 wrong way on a one-way street and DUI

1 no headlights and DUI

2 domestic violence complaints

1 disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, public drunk and simple assault

1 disorderly conduct


1 no proof of liability insurance and DUI (wreck)

1 speeding, expired tag and DUI

3 possessions of drug paraphernalia

1 ran stop sign and DUI

1 public drunk and possession of drug paraphernalia

1 careless driving

1 careless driving and DUI

1 speeding, careless driving, open container and DUI

1 public drunk, fail to comply with law enforcement officer and possession of a fake ID

1 domestic violence, public drunk and malicious mischief

1 shoplifting

Sheriff’s Department


3 wrecks

1 simple assault

3 alarms

5 animal complaints

5 disturbances

1 domestic violence

1 petty theft

2 harassments

21 service calls

6 suspicious activities

3 welfare concerns

1 scam

1 civil matter

4 traffic complaints


1 sale of controlled substance warrant

1 domestic violence with simple assault

University Police


7 larcenies

1 possession of beer under 21 and possession of beer over 21

7 service calls

2 harassments

1 citation for possession of beer under 21

3 ambulance assistance calls

1 vandalism

1 disturbing the peace

1 disturbance

2 wrecks

1 wreck with property damage

1 citation for possession of drug paraphernalia


1 disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, and possession of alcoholic beverage under 21

1 public drunk and fake ID

1 public drunk and possession of controlled substance

1 public drunk and resisting arrest

1 failure to obey police officer, aggravated assaults and failure to stop

1 public drunk and simple assault on a police officer

1 possession of paraphernalia with a traffic citation for speeding

2 public drunks and disturbing the peace

1 public drunk and possession of beer under 21

9 public drunks

How you can help

To report information about a crime, call Crimestoppers at 662-234-8477.


Oxford Fire Department

At 2:03 a.m. Saturday to Molly Barr Ridge after someone pulled the alarm as a prank

On Saturday (no time available) to 9 PR 1076 for a report of the smell of gas; no cause found

At 1:54 p.m. Saturday to 603 Van Buren for a gas leak at regulator station

At 8:06 p.m. Sunday to Mugshots after cooking activated a smoke detector

At 8:31 p.m. Sunday to Crosby Hall on campus after someone activated a smoke detector by burning popcorn

Lafayette County Fire

At 5:45 p.m. Friday to the College Hill area for a report of the smell of gas but turned out to be a dead animal

At 5:58 p.m. Friday to County Road 125 for a grass fire

At 5:25 a.m. Saturday to 1008 Windy Oaks Drive for a fire alarm malfunction

At 10:54 a.m. Sunday to Highway 30 for a wreck

At 11 a.m. Sunday to 1046 Highway 6 East for a grass fire

At 4:11 p.m. Sunday to 56 Main St. in Taylor for a fire alarm malfunction

At 9:05 p.m. Sunday to CR 5007 for a stove fire

Lafayette County EMS

55 ambulance calls