Slow down on MLK Jr. Drive

Published 10:50 am Thursday, October 20, 2016

As the city continues work on the relocation of Price Street, traffic is being mostly diverted down Martin Luther King Jr. Drive.

The construction work has Price Street from the rail trail to Molly Barr Road blocked off. It’s expected to remain closed through next week.

In the meantime, residents living along MLK Jr. Drive are probably feeling as if they live along a freeway these days.

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It’s our hope that drivers will remember that streete runs through a neighborhood filled with families including small children to the elderly.

Drivers are speeding down the road, probably trying to make up for lost time from being rerouted. Some may have a bit of road rage after finding the road closed and press the gas pedal a little too hard. Some may just be inconsiderate.

Alderman Ulysses S. Howell, who lives off MLK Drive, said the number of cars, as well as the speed they travel, has increased considerably.

If you find yourself on MLK during the next 10 days while Price Street is closed, think about how you would like drivers to drive down the road where you raised your children and practice the same courtesy to those residents in the MLK neighborhood.

Slow down. You’ll get where you’re going soon enough.