Unique art classes offered in 2017

Published 10:15 am Thursday, December 15, 2016

The New Year is fast approaching giving us many things to think about. One thing many people ponder is what they want to do and learn in the new year. Some resolve to lose weight, quit smoking, save money, etc. However, I urge you to consider learning something new.

The Powerhouse has many different classes to choose from to help you learn a new hobby or help you refine techniques.

The usual art classes are offered, but there are some new courses being taught that might be interesting as well.

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Valerie Polgar, founder of misbits: a new media art space has developed four workshops that might appeal to the artist/technology enthusiast in your household. If you have ever been interested in fine art animation, you might want to consider taking one of her classes.

On Jan. 28, she will be teaching a full day workshop for ages 13 to adult on Animated GIF. Frame by frame animation and creating animated loops will be covered and further instruction will be given using Adobe Photoshop. Students are not required to bring their own computers but can if desired. The class includes a one on one session with the instructor dealing with their own animated GIF projects at her office in The Edison, which is right next door to the Powerhouse.

Another fun workshop will be the one covering Stop Motion on March 25 where students will learn about lighting and creating artwork suitable for frame by frame animation. Again, students will also have one on one sessions with the instructor.

If electronics are more your speed, you can sign up for the Electronics for Artists Workshops: LED Workshop and Motors Workshop which will both be held at the Powerhouse. The LED Workshop will be held on Feb. 11 and will cover basic circuit building with an emphasis on LEDs. Each student will receive their own electronics kit to be used in the class and at home.

The Motor Workshop will be taught on April 8th and students will learn basic circuit building with an emphasis. Students of this class will also receive an electronic kit to be used in class and taken home.

These classes offer something different on the art scene and will inspire artists to add new dimension and technology to their works.

Check out Pulgar’s website at http://misbitsnma.com/classes.html and sign up for some classes at http://www.oxfordarts.com/programs/creative-arts-classes#adult-classes.

ANDI BEDSWORTH is owner of Art To Go, which brings free art opportunities to children in the community.