‘Liberal Loonies’ column misses the mark

Published 5:53 pm Saturday, February 4, 2017

One would think the managing editor of our newspaper would have access to better information and facts than was displayed in your Feb. 2 column.

In the title and last two-thirds of the column, you tried to lump your so-called “Liberal Loonies” or “radical liberals” in with the broad spectrum of people who identify as progressives and/or mainstream liberals. Moreover, you wrote that the “Loonies” are part of the Democratic Party. Perhaps with a little research, you would learn about the “anarchists” and “anti-fascists” who arrived dressed in all black and masks to disrupt peaceful protests — their only intent being to cause disturbances and get TV coverage. They were there blocks from the inaugural parade to smash windows and cause mayhem.

They’ve also showed up to create havoc at Yiannopoulos’ hate-speech events; one was shot at such an event at the University of Washington — by one of Milo’s supporters, of course. Have you not heard of or researched them, or would you rather just engage in some alternative fact telling yourself?

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From yesterday’s NY Times: “While extreme right-wing groups have been enthusiastic supporters of Mr. Trump, anti-fascists express deep disdain for the Democratic Party. And it is mutual, by and large: They amount to the left’s unwanted revolutionary stepchild, disowned for their tactics and ideology by all but the most radical politicians.”

I’m unaware of Democratic politicians or officials who identify with or condone the actions of the anarchists; are you? However, I am aware of the media enabler of the radical conservatives calling themselves the “alt-right” (the sanitized name for white supremacists, neo-nazis, anti-Semites, misogynists, and other such fine upstanding “conservatives.”)

Yiannopoulos is a technology editor for the Breitbart “news” organization. It just so happens that the former head honcho of Breitbart is none other than Steve Bannon, who declared that Breitbart is “the platform for the alt-right.” Oh, and Bannon is Donald Trump’s right hand man and “chief strategist” in the White House.

“Lighten up Liberal Loonies“?? Were you addressing the anarchists (which you didn’t identify in the first place) or just trying to be funny by with a jab at liberals or Democrats? Or were you just trying to please Trump fans?

In any event, your column missed as many marks as the number of U.S. allies that the President has alienated in under two weeks in office. Better yet, how about calling for Trump to “lighten up” and ditch his radical conservative strategist and pals?

Gary Gold