Oxford Rotary Club enhances life in Oxford

Published 5:54 pm Saturday, February 4, 2017

Let’s thank the Oxford Rotary Club for a large planter being donated for the southwest side of the Square to match the planter that’s currently in front of City Hall.

This year’s public service project from Oxford’s Rotary Club is one in a long history of contributions to make Oxford and Lafayette County better, according to club member Phil Bailey.

He explained at a recent Rotary meeting how the club actually provided funds to pave the Oxford Square in 1924. That’s right, the Oxford Rotary Club paved the Square.

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In the 1980s Oxford’s Rotary Club refurbished the pavilion and bathroom’s at Avent Park and K-9 drug dogs were provided for the police department.

In 2008 Oxford’s Rotary Club made a $25,000 donation to build the Oxford Rotary Club Pavilion at Pat Lamar Park. And, work has been done in the county over the years, including historical markers at Toby Tubby and the Confederate cemetery on the Ole Miss campus.

We have many strong civic clubs in the community and all make valuable contributions. But on this day it is worth saying thank you to Oxford’s Rotary Club for making this a great place to live and call home.