Oxford is lucky to have a growing public transportation system

Published 11:20 am Friday, February 24, 2017

One of the best things about our city is the Oxford-University Transit system, which has steadily grown since its inception and become a thriving service for residents, visitors and students all year round.

Raising the budget to continue that growth and improve its facilities is a step in the right direction for Oxford. It’s easy to get frustrated about parking and even driving around Oxford on particularly busy days because we’re growing fast both in the city and on campus. Not only does OUT offer a solution for that congestion, but more importantly, its growth will better serve those without vehicles and households that might share vehicles to get to work, school and other places in town.

Knowing public transportation can play a vital role in improving quality of life economically and environmentally, it’s encouraging to see Oxford leading the way in offering its residents a safe, efficient solution to living in a growing college town. Being solution-oriented in a city like Oxford is vital to its success in years to come.

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If you’ve never taken advantage of OUT, we encourage you to do so. We’re lucky to have it, and lucky our leaders realize its value and potential to better serve the entire community.