Hotworx is latest innovative workout studio in Oxford

Published 2:04 am Sunday, April 2, 2017

By Tricia Williams
Oxford Stories

Brittany Bane has become a regular at Hotworx since the innovative workout business opened in February off the Oxford Square, and she can’t get enough.
“I definitely feel like, even after the first workout, I was more motivated to come back and make this a part of my routine,” she said. “I’ve been coming almost every day and I feel stronger, healthier, and generally better.”

Hotworx is a virtually instructed exercise program that implements the use of infrared heat and isometrics designed to flush toxins and burn calories. This new exercise regime has become popular in the fitness world, enabling users to reap the benefits of a great workout in a reasonable amount of time.

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Hotworx Oxford opened Feb. 16 at 916 E Jackson Ave., directly off the Square, and the business has already amassed an impressive following.

Although the workouts torch an impressive amount of calories, they are not the only benefits users report after a Hotworx experience. The magic ingredient in this combination is the implementation of infrared heat. The heat penetrates the skin and muscle tissue, which speeds up metabolic processes and requires less warmup time before a workout.

“This keeps your core temperature and metabolism elevated, more so than a typical workout,” said General Manager, Jeremy Harwell, who leads the Hotworx franchise in Oxford after years of experience as a personal trainer and gym manager in northern Mississippi. He graduated from the University of Mississippi with a degree in exercise science.

The infrared rays emitted in the units also dramatically reduce recovery time between workouts and foster flexibility. Deep penetration of the rays promotes the natural removal of toxins from skin level to organ deep. Members have reported that Hotworx has impacted their sleeping patterns, facilitating a deeper, more sound slumber.

Harwell said response to Hotworx has been good. Patrons of all ages frequent the new, bustling 24-hour fitness studio.

“We’ll have some older adults who are in here,” he said, “and then we’ll have the college-aged kids who will come throughout the day.”

Harwell believes Hotworx is better than other Oxford workout studios for several reasons. “We combine the infrared heat with the workouts,” he said. “The infrared heat has numerous amounts of benefits. It increases circulation, improves skin complexion, helps with cognitive function and sleep patterns.

“The infrared heat penetrates the skin deeper, which increases core temperature and metabolism, which increases the amount of calories burned, which is what a lot of people are looking for.”

The studio is open 24 hours allowing users to come and go at their own convenience.