Let’s get moving, Oxford

Published 9:27 am Thursday, June 8, 2017

Today is a good day to get up and get out, Oxford — today, tomorrow and any day through this weekend.

Why not?

The sun is shining, the humidity low, traffic is light and our picturesque sidewalks and streets lined with green trees are beckoning.

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There are no better days to start a new evening walking habit, or a new morning running habit. There are no better days to start a new yard project, and there are no better days to hit Oxford’s fabulous tennis courts.

The options are endless, but the objective is the same: get moving.

It’s all about putting the first step forward toward a new healthy habit and it helps to get started when the conditions are so good we can’t find a single excuse.

The summer will be long and hot but all new habits start with the first decision and action.

We think Oxford is at its best when its people are moving along the streets and through our parks on foot, able to give a friendly nod and take in the scenery. It what makes us a friendly community. It makes us a healthy community.

So, let’s get moving, oxford.

Today is a great day to get started.