Dog days of summer not biting

Published 10:32 am Wednesday, August 2, 2017

We’re usually so tired of the heat by now that August, with only slightly cooler than July traditionally, wears away at us. We’re back to school and back from vacation but the heat usually doesn’t relent.

But its looking better this August — the first half at least. It all began last weekend at the end July when the rarest of July deep summer cold fronts swept through the area and briefly lingered, dropping humidity levels and lowering temperatures.

Now, more cool weather is on the way and indications are that it could last through mid-August. That doesn’t mean that every day will be as cool and crisp and last Saturday, when it dipped to 61 degrees at night, but the longer-term forecast suggests that after this weekend temperatures in Oxford may not climb above 84 or 85 degrees for two weeks.

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If that doesn’t sound like such a big deal think of all the football, soccer and cross country players in fall drills and think of band members at high schools practicing for the upcoming season. Many years in early August our temperatures are soaring to 100 and it feels like there is no escape.

It looks like this August will be a good bit better than normal, however, running a bit on the cool side. We sure are happy about that.