County zoning is planning for the future

Published 10:33 am Monday, January 15, 2018

Lafayette County’s proposed zoning ordinance has arrived at its moment of consideration by supervisors, who plan to hold a final hearing and vote on it Tuesday morning.

If all goes as anticipated, Lafayette will implement its first zoning ordinance of any kind in order to “preserve and promote the public health…and general welfare” of the county through regulation of building density, location, size and open spaces around buildings. It would also designate land for use as commercial, industrial, residential and other purposes.

At the moment, Lafayette County is growing and poised for faster growth in the coming years but nothing like this exists. That’s why the Lafayette County Board of Supervisors spent a good bit of 2017 trying to determine the need and structure for a county zoning ordinance.

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A vote like this is never easy for county supervisors. They will always hear from a vocal minority who don’t want the government dictating how land can be used. But history shows that county land will be more valuable over time if it is developed according to a plan.

With no zoning ordinance in the county, we risk haphazard if not reckless development void of cohesion.

All indications are that the supervisors have the leadership to pass the ordinance. We applaud their forward thinking and efforts and have no doubt their action will better prepare Lafayette County for the future.