Mississippi has cheapest gas in the nation

Published 8:38 am Monday, February 26, 2018

Five years ago, it would have seemed risky to take a bet that gas prices in the United States would be considerably lower in 2018.

In 2013, when gas prices averaged $3.70, there was talk that we may never see the $2 gallon again, much less a drop below $3 a gallon.

But with the latest drop of about 6 cents on the gallon of regular gasoline in the past two weeks, consumers in Oxford and across Mississippi are paying just about $2.23 per gallon on average. That’s more than 60 percent less than we paid in 2013.

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The national price per gallon this past week was $2.59, and Mississippi had the lowest prices of anywhere in the nation.

It’s true that gas prices are about 26 cents per gallon higher than they were at this time one year ago, but it’s hard to complain when a gallon of gasoline costs so little.

Prices aren’t likely to stay this low for long. The Spring travel season is nearing and crude prices are expected to rise and that will likely give a bump at the pump. But this latest drop in prices, giving Mississippians the cheapest gas in the country, is worth enjoying while it lasts.