City to promote proper, clear 911 numbers on homes, businesses

Published 9:00 am Friday, April 20, 2018

When there’s an emergency at home, whether it’s a fire, a medical problem or a crime being committed, every second matters.

The faster emergency response personnel can find your home, the quicker they can provide the needed assistance.

However, far too many homes in Oxford do not have their addresses marked clearly on the outside of their homes, according to Emergency Management Coordinator Jimmy Allgood.

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To help change that, the Oxford Emergency Management Agency will be using grant funds to kick off a 911 Initiative help provide numbers for people to put on their homes and educate the public on the importance of having easily-seen 911 address numbers on their home.

“Having the numbers on houses and businesses is critical for emergency services, as well as delivery services,” Allgood said Tuesday at the Oxford Board of Aldermen meeting. “It also helps our city services like Public Works and sanitation.”

Having the 911 address numbers clearly visible on the outside of a home or businesses is already required in the city’s Code of Ordinances. In the code, numbers should be 4 inches tall and the number should contrast with the background and be visible at night.

Allgood said the grant funds will help purchase the numbers for people who are disabled, senior citizens and low-income homeowners.

“We will provide the numbers to those people and help put them up,” Allgood said. “Then, if there is money left over after we meet the needs of those who meet those criteria, then we’ll open it to the general community.”

The 911 Initiative will kick off the first of May.

“We want to use this as a community education program and have the whole community get involved for the general safety and well-being of our entire community,” Allgood said.

Homeowners can apply online at or pick up and fill out an application at City Hall.