More rain on the horizon

Published 12:23 pm Monday, April 23, 2018

That was some kind of Sunday rain.

It began in the morning and didn’t stop until it canceled Oxford’s first-ever professional golf tournament, took a toll on church attendance, packed movie theaters, flooded low-lying areas and left us wondering when this year’s deluge will stop.

The North Mississippi region is far above normal in rainfall for this time of year. When March ended, we were almost 10 inches above normal. In April, we’ve already had a few of these downpours where rainfall is counted in inches, and the total will continue to rise this week with lighter rain in the forecast all the way through Friday.

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But no worries, it should all end in time for a fabulous Double Decker Arts Festival Saturday.

It is a shame the North Mississippi Classic had to end that way, scrambling to get play in Sunday morning before the weather proved it wasn’t letting up. But organizers and Oxford get an A for effort and from the pro-am through Saturday we showed it can be done.

We hope the tournament will return next year, perhaps with a different date a bit later in the year – May would be nice. And, we hope that an earlier head start in organizing for year two will get more citizens and sponsors involved, making an even bigger success.

For the moment, we’re thankful the deluge is over and looking forward to a bright and sunny Saturday to welcome Double Decker.