Four arrested after vandalizing vehicle multiple times

Published 1:59 pm Thursday, October 31, 2019

Four women are facing charges after repeatedly vandalizing a vehicle earlier this month.

On Oct. 16, officers with the Oxford Police Department took a malicious mischief report about a vehicle that had been egged and had tomato sauce poured all over it. The reporting party cleaned the car off and noticed scratches on it that were not previously on the vehicle, according to a release from OPD.

Two days later, the same person called OPD and said that her vehicle had been vandalized again. The second incident involved the vehicle having eggs, flour, ketchup and motor oil poured on it.

Officers then went to Walmart to review surveillance footage and saw three of the four suspects buying those same items before the second incident. The vehicle needed more than $1,000 worth of repairs.

Investigators then identified the suspects as Abigail Sheehan (19, of Scituate, Mass.), Alexandra Wagner (19, of Frisco, Texas) and Hailey Wilson (19, of McKinney, Texas). All four were arrested and taken to the Lafayette County Detention Center where, they were charged with Felony Malicious Mischief.

Each received a bond of $1,000 by a Justice Court Judge.