Materials delayed for construction in Punkin Water project

Published 12:00 pm Wednesday, September 14, 2022

The City of Oxford is experiencing supply chain construction delays related to the connection of Punkin Water customers to the city.

The contract for the first construction project has been executed, but the lead time for the materials has delayed the actual beginning of construction, according to Bart Robinson, Chief Operations Officer for the City of Oxford.

The city received approval from the Mississippi Department of Health for four of the five contracts involved. The final construction contract will involve closing of supply wells and will not be completed until the City is already supplying the customers who are on Punkin Water.

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“We will request permission from the Board of Aldermen to advertise for bids as soon as possible,” said Robinson.

According to the Punkin Water Association, the design and bid processes are being completed in normal time-cycles as anticipated in the original agreement. However, delays are occurring in the supply chain for pipes. Pipes that would normally be available in 4-8 weeks are now taking 24-28 weeks to obtain. Demand has also increased from other water systems. Consequently, estimated completion of the project has moved to the 2nd Quarter of 2023.

Each of the projects’ segments can be constructed individually and connected at the end of the project. Final design of pipeline and pumps for the Punkin Water portion of the project is complete. After Health Department approval, bids will be released for this segment.