May today be the day of your breakthrough

Published 6:00 am Saturday, January 28, 2023

By Steve Stricker

William Glasser’s Reality or Choice therapy is my base counseling theory, but after 21 plus years of university work and rich life experiences, I relied on myself – “Do you know me? Well, not you but your behavior.”

As an academic adviser, personal and career counselor, and teacher for six years in the Student Development Center at Southeast Missouri State University (SEMO) before coming to Ole Miss in 1988, I was privileged to meet Glasser in a full day workshop.

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His theory is deep. Basically, what has happened to us in the past shaped who we are now, but we cannot change the past – we can only choose how we react to it now and move forward.  The need to love, be loved, and need to feel that we are worthwhile to ourselves and to others are the basis of his theory.

Once in an interview for a university position, a search team member exclaimed while reviewing my CV, “Wow, you are a renaissance man.” I’ve been blessed with many educational degrees, skills such as artistic, athletic, mechanical, problem solving, caring, perseverance, and faith – all of which have shaped and guided my life to help others.

Early on, dad’s death before college, SEMO, three degrees, six years working on campus, Vietnam, Ole Miss working on campus for 15, graphic artist, Coordinator of Graduate Records. Ph.D. in counseling, assistant director and teacher at the Career Center, Director of MBA Career Services, a teacher in the Business School, then psychologist (behaviorist) at NMRC for six years – I know me, you, behavior and people.

During my many life challenges, now retired, the COVID shutdown of Oxford and St. John’s, I relied on all my experiences to get me through it.  Recently experiencing a major life change that tested my faith, I every day give control to God, his will be done, and let go of the unknown, unwind, and choose to embrace new possibilities. 

Refreshed, I am back to working on my many projects with a new energy – especially cars – and looking forward to the wonderful gifts God has planned for me.

Many years ago, over SEMO Christmas break, after seeing my Tri-Delta girlfriend and driving back from Cape to Charleston late at night, I listened on the radio to this wonderful black preacher who closed each broadcast with, “May today be the day of your breakthrough.”  

Be patient and believe that might be today, or tomorrow. 

We’ve got this y’all – choose to change!

Steve Stricker is an Oxford resident and received his Ph.D. in Counseling from Ole Miss.  He can be reached at