Welcome the change of season with optimism

Published 6:00 am Wednesday, November 8, 2023

By Bonnie Brown

And then it was November!  How did that happen so quickly?  I remember looking forward to warmer weather and then it arrived in a hurry, it seemed.  I can no longer tolerate the stinkin’ hot weather.  I used to not mind it at all.  I got out and cut grass and worked in the garden or yard without much notice of the heat.  But that’s no longer the case.  Same is true of cold weather.  I get a slight shiver just thinking of the approaching winter.  

With each season comes the expected changes.  The leaves turn to brilliant colors of gold, orange, and red before softly falling to create a soft carpet beneath our feet.  The temperature change is usually abrupt but expected.  Especially in the south when one day reaches the 80’s only for the next day to provide a chill and a need for that coat still tucked away amongst your winter clothes.  

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It’s time to winterize your home.  Cover the faucets, bring in the plants, disconnect the hoses and store them away.  Begin the argument/discussion with your partner about what temperature the thermostat should be set on.  The “experts” recommend the thermostat be set at 68 degrees during the day and 60 at night.  The debate rages on.  

I also “turn over” our house as the seasons change.  By this, I mean I remove the lightweight bedding, and replace it with a heavier comforter in the bedrooms.  I also like to change the décor some.  That might consist of changing throw pillows and “shopping” in the different rooms of our house to change things up a bit by moving things around.  I don’t get too crazy with this but just a few subtle changes make me happy.  

I have also been watching videos about changing your skincare and makeup with the seasons.  I’m pretty consistent with my makeup routine, but I do change the shades of makeup that I use from summer to winter.  I’ve been watching these videos about make-up applications, and I honestly don’t think I can embrace this new approach to applying makeup.  I see the ladies use a swipe of foundation here, a swipe of bronzer there, and different swipes of blush to contour everywhere.  To say nothing of the eye makeup!  I don’t think my blending techniques would yield a good outcome.  I’m pretty certain I would look like a holdover from Halloween!  

And I’m thinking that some of y’all already have Christmas decorations up.  Again, I’ve reined in my holiday decorating from years past.  Mostly due to our smaller residence.  And the fact that our family is more scattered now.  I used to decorate every room and had multiple trees but that involved lots of time and effort.  Tom is on board with the less is more approach.  

We are about to see 2023 exit and will soon welcome 2024.  Remember how eager we were to be done with 2020 and Covid?  We thought that the next year would be so much better.  Was it easier for you?  I’m not sure I can say it was easier for us.  But as I often say, life happens, and things change without our having an active role in deciding any of what life rolls out for us.  So, let’s welcome the change of seasons with optimism and gratitude!