Wide-ranging poinsettia colors can match holiday decorations

Published 9:43 am Monday, December 4, 2023

By Eddie Smith
MSU Extension Service

Poinsettias are classic holiday plants known for their vibrant red and snowy white hues.

You may not know that there are also many colorful versions of this popular plant that can add a unique and festive touch to your holiday decor. I love the many different colors that range from pink and coral to yellow and marbled. Today, poinsettias can be found in a variety of shades to suit your preferences.

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I want to describe a few of my favorites that may give you some ideas for your own holiday decor.

Pink-colored poinsettias are a popular choice for those looking to add elegance to their decorations. With a variety of pink shades available, they can be the perfect addition to any room.

Coral-colored poinsettias, on the other hand, offer a warm and inviting tone that can brighten up a space and create a cozy, welcoming atmosphere.

For those looking for a more unconventional look, the marbled poinsettias are stunning choices and my personal favorites.

I love their unique blend of colors that creates a one-of-a-kind appearance that is sure to impress. Using marbled poinsettias is a great way to add a touch of whimsy to your holiday decor.

If you’re looking to make a bold statement, yellow poinsettias are the way to go. Adding containers of this sunny shade brings cheerfulness and brightness to the room.

Take your time when shopping for poinsettias, and don’t just buy the first pretty plant you find. Look for compact plants with good branching. Careful shoppers pick up plants and examine them before making their choices.

Protective sleeves can cause harm to poinsettias if those handling them are not careful. When you can, I recommend purchasing poinsettias that are not already covered in these sleeves. I like the places that put the sleeves on at checkout. To avoid damaging the branches, always cut or tear off the sleeves.

Once you have your poinsettias at home, give them at least six hours of indirect sunlight each day and comfortable room temperatures. If you’re comfortable, the poinsettias will be comfortable. Temperature changes caused by drafts of cold or warm air are bad for poinsettias, causing leaves and bracts to drop.

Poinsettias are sensitive to “wet feet,” so don’t overwater them. Check the top of the potting mix or lift the pot to feel its weight before adding water. The decorative sleeve is just that – decorative – so remove this sleeve when watering. Place the pot in the sink to water the plant and allow the pot to completely drain before sliding it back into the decorative sleeve.

Protect your furniture by placing poinsettias on top of a plant saucer.

Whether you choose classic red, white or a more colorful variety, these poinsettias are sure to bring joy and festivity to your holiday season. Shop at your local garden center to see what they have to offer this holiday season.

Dr. Eddie Smith is a gardening specialist and Pearl River County coordinator with the Mississippi State University Extension Service. He is also host of the popular Southern Gardening television program. Locate Southern Gardening products online at http://extension.msstate.edu/shows/southern-gardening.