Local, live music on tap this weekend

Published 2:43 pm Thursday, August 20, 2015

Music lovers in Oxford will get a chance to enjoy some great acts in and around The Square beginning tonight. Here are a few of the live performances scheduled:

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Tonight – Proud Larry’s

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CDBD, 9 p.m.

Distilled from the smooth flowing backwaters of Alabama’s Black Warrior River, CBDB brings its brand of Joyfunk to the masses. With a blend of progressive rock, funk and folk — steeped in the undulating rhythms of jam fusion CBDB manages to stand out and create an amazingly original sound in a sea of normality. The result is an unmistakably danceable sound that you’ll be singing in your head for weeks after.

Friday – Proud Larry’s

Pluto with Marcella and Her Lovers, 9 p.m.

Like savoring the flavors in a dish made by a master chef, one detects in Marcella Simien’s music subtle yet devastating touches of the Memphis and Muscle Shoals sounds infused with the fingerprint of her Creole ancestors — that now laughing, now sighing Zydeco accordion and exhortations in shouted Creole French.