The heart of the matter and the Confederate flag

Published 5:20 pm Sunday, August 23, 2015

I am a devote Christian, therefore my opinions usually will not bypass the teachings of Jesus.

Wars have meanings and reasons for happening, even if we don’t know or agree with the true reason or meaning. From my understanding at the heart of the war was the continuation or ending of the implementations of the slavery of black people.

One must ask, do you truly feel that slavery was wrong? Some may not. For me, if right be right and wrong be wrong.

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Even if my biological father fought in this war on the Southern side and on his own recognizance, he is in ignorance and in error and I am not proud of this particular act of his life. I may give an oral history, keep pictures in a photo album or share them in a museum but not on a flagpole in my yard or in front of a building where laws, rights and liberties for all are being exercised.

The reason hate groups have and do use the Confederate flag is because it does neatly fit into the puzzle.

When Jesus walked the earth, people were frequently trying to do what they thought was right and they asked many questions. And Jesus’ response always centered around the root substance and heart of the matter.

Delinda Cain