A letter to insurance company victims

Published 4:42 pm Sunday, August 30, 2015

I am using the term victim advisedly because I qualify as one. I am positive that many of you who read this letter qualify as well.

All the insurance companies advertise that they will protect damage or destruction to your property. All one has to do is pay a rather healthy premium to them and all is taken care of. Actually, what happens if one files several legitimate, even though perhaps small, claims over a fairly brief period of time, the insurance company will cancel your policy, leaving one high and dry. Many agents now advise customers to not file small claims because the company might cancel the policy. That, in fact, happened to me. So the promise of insurance companies to furnish protection is nothing but a lie. One is, in essence, held hostage by the insurance companies who are getting richer and richer and paying their top executives unbelievable salaries at our expense.

A law needs to be passed in this state that an insurance company will not be allowed to cancel one’s policy because of valid claims, regardless of how many. False claims would, of course, be another matter.

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Our representatives are most responsive to numbers. Hence, I am urging all who read this letter to contact your representative and senator and urge them to pass such a bill. I play to do just that soon after the August election.

Joe D. Pegram