Oxford couple thanks builder for hard work

Published 6:38 pm Sunday, August 30, 2015

My wife and I moved to Oxford in March of 2012, and we built our dream home the first year we were here. Everything in the house was exactly what we wanted down to the hardwood floors: space, floor plan, height of ceilings, yard space, landscaping, the entire package.

Shortly after we moved into the home, the floors began to give us problems. The glue used to attach the hardwood to the concrete slab was not holding the floor in place. There was constant popping as we walked on the floor. Cory Stout, who owns Floors and More out of New Albany worked diligently to make the job right.

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Finally after numerous efforts to fix the problem, at his own expense, Cory removed the first floor and installed a totally new hardwood floor.  There is hardly a day goes by that my wife and I do not say, “We love this floor.” Thank you, Cory! Oxford, if you want a floor installed by a builder with integrity, and who will stand by his work product, Cory Stout is the person to contact.

Ron Wilson