Ready to kiss a pig at the Eagle office

Published 5:00 pm Monday, August 31, 2015

There’s nothing like some fun competition and trashtalking among co-workers to help keep you from falling asleep at your desk at work.

The latest here at the Oxford EAGLE is the annual kiss a pig competition. It’s a fundraiser for the company’s United Way efforts. Thing is though, United Way hasn’t even held its fall kickoff yet. The kiss a pig competition is just so much fun that it starts early.

The entryway of the office has a couple tables with a bright blue tablecloth and sitting on the tables are boxes with eight pictures on it. Whoever’s box has the most money in it at the end of the competition will have to kiss a pig.

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The trash-talking is already at the fun level and money is starting to trickle into the boxes. But what’s cool is readers can join in the fun too. Has one of the participants made you mad? Come put money in his or her box. You think it would be wildly fun to see your friend kiss a pig and that photo circulate in the paper and in United Way brochures for time to come? Come put money in the box. Just want to ruffle a few feathers and enjoy some friendly banter? The box is calling your name.

The contest is fun and games but, in reality it’s for a good cause, and that’s why people agreed to take a chance on kissing a pig.

Me? I joined the fun to be a good sport. And, because, let’s face it, on the quest to find a Mr. Right, you’ll likely kiss a few worse than a pig. But, here’s what some of the others involved said: “United Way is a great local charity where more than 80 percent of all funds remain local. Our kiss the pig contest is an especially fun fundraiser because it promotes a sense of interoffice competition while generating donations to all the great causes that United Way supports. As last year’s winner, I’m somewhat of an expert and think that Publisher Tim Phillips deserves to win this year.” — Jessica Harwell “I’m doing it for a good cause to help research for cancer, but everybody vote for Tim. Please put money in there for Tim.” — Nikki Buford “It’s for a good cause … Why not?!” — Nikki Paine “I’m just being a good sport and doing it for a great cause.” – Trae Williams “I think a lot of us would get a kick out of seeing Tim, our publisher, kiss the pig, but if me or anybody else ends up having to pucker up, so be it. It’s a worthy cause.” — Davis Potter “I’m pretty competitive, so I think I’m going win. Although, Since it’s for charity I won’t “hog” all the donations. Bring on the pig!” —Sky Shelton “United Way supports so many different organizations in the L-O-U community. The funding for United Way is necessary to help with so many nonprofits as they work to help the needy in our community. There are so many people deserving to “Kiss the Pig” this year, excluding myself, so please come by the EAGLE offices and vote for the person of your choice. All of our EAGLE employees work to be involved in our community, helping out different organizations, and I’m proud of all of them for the work that they do.”