COLUMN: Welcome to the new EAGLE

Published 6:00 am Sunday, September 6, 2015

Today’s edition of The Oxford EAGLE marks the one-year anniversary of the launch of the first Sunday newspaper last September. With today’s EAGLE, you will notice we have done a slight redesign of the newspaper, including a new design for our website

We hope that you, our readers, enjoy the new layout and design. We wanted a different look with the design of the newspaper, one that is easier and more open for the readers. We haven’t changed the body type of our copy, but have reworked the look of headlines and layout.

The Community Calendar has been reorganized by Editor Stephanie Rebman to put events in date sequence; it should be easier to organize and use. We will have “need to know” and an “ongoing” sections for events that occur in our community on a continuing basis.

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Most of you will notice the change with the front-page design and the inside pages of the A section. We will continue to have three sections on Sunday with the sports, Oxford Living and the main section.

We will keep all of the stories close to the same pages every day to make it easier for you to find the news that interests you.

For our e-edition subscribers, you will notice the new website we have been working on for the last month. E-edition subscribers will still be able to go directly to their electronic copy of the daily EAGLE. For others, there will be more direct access to complete stories.

Over the last year, The EAGLE has experienced a great deal of change and transition. As I have said many times before, The EAGLE has always been the newspaper of Oxford and Lafayette County. The EAGLE belongs to the subscribers and advertisers who have supported the newspaper for 167 years. As my Dad always told me, we are only in charge of The EAGLE for a short period of time. The older I get the more I realize the wisdom in his words.

I want to take a minute to thank our employees at The EAGLE for all they do. When you call or visit our offices, Sky Shelton (who handles classifieds and legals) or Rebekah Tettleton (who handles circulation issues) will greet you when you walk in. Jessica Harwell is our front office manager and helps keep everyone straight.

Nikki Paine, Ross Thornton and Delia Childers are the ones responsible for the ads you see every day in the newspaper. Kathy Wile and Wade Griffin design the ads and get them on the pages.

Davis Potter and Jake Thompson are responsible for our sports coverage and do a great job. Everyone knows photographer Bruce Newman; he is responsible for most of the faces and photos you see daily in The EAGLE.

Stephanie Rebman, Rob Sigler, Alyssa Schnugg, Catherine Boone, LaReeca Rucker and Lyndy Berryhill provide the daily news coverage. Without this group and their dedication, the award-winning news that we deliver wouldn’t be possible.

Eddie Lance and Rayford Brassell are the pressmen who print your newspaper on a daily basis. Pat Foster, Chey Moore, Nikki Buford and Deon’Tra Williams are responsible for inserting The EAGLE and making sure that you receive the circulars with ad specials.

Some of the most important people are the ones who fight through any weather to make sure that you receive your EAGLE at your houses.  The current EAGLE contracted newspaper carriers include Malcolm Webb, Guy B. Porter, Milton Jones, Vassor Joiner, Leatha Brady, Marjorie Young, Jessie Wortham, Chris Slate, Sandra Hipps, Roxanne Crawford, Chris Slate, Kenny Buford, Randy Buford, Antonio Smith, Darrell Buford, Joyce Pegues, Terry Blake and Roscoe Slate.

All of these people play a vital role in the production of The Oxford EAGLE. We hope that you like the new changes in our redesign, both in print and on the Web. Please send any comments and suggestions you have regarding the new look to

Tim Phillips is publisher of the Oxford EAGLE.