Who doesn’t enjoy a good movie?

Published 12:00 pm Monday, September 7, 2015

Ever since I became embedded in the journalism industry and devoted my days to staring at a computer screen editing and designing a newspaper, I shied away from reading at home. Generally the last thing I want to do is go home and read more. Time after work is for relaxing with the puppies and popping a good movie in the DVD player.

Yep, I still use a DVD player instead of Netflix on the computer. I still have rabbit ears instead of cable. And, that generally means I don’t watch TV because I don’t want to tap rabbit ears ever so slightly for 20 minutes, stand exactly still in one spot in my living room and reprogram the converter box every time I turn it on. I’m pretty much the Comcast guy’s worst nightmare when they are doing door-to-door sales blitzes.

So that means home delivery DVD service from Netflix. I really enjoy catching up on TV series’ that I missed the past several years of working nights. The latest season of  “Grey’s Anatomy” is at home right now, and there’s nothing like binge watching a great show. I just have to hope I forgot all of the Facebook posts a few months ago when people blew it up with their reactions on the key drama and season finale.

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I also watched “Breaking Bad” in full after it went off the air and watched the first few seasons of “Walking Dead” and caught up to people in real life. I will find a friend’s house to watch that on Sunday nights. That one is serious business.

Just a side note for those who might try the same thing: one side effect of binge watching a couple seasons at a time of “Walking Dead” every night of the week for a couple weeks is you will, I promise, dream about “walkers” coming after you.

In addition to TV series’, I’ve had to catch up on movies I never saw growing up, which is when I was buried in books.

Recently I’ve watched “Tombstone,” “Raging Bull,” “The Blob,” “The Day After Trinity,” “Rocky,” “Fatal Attraction” and many more so-called classics friends listed for me to watch.

This brings me to what I wanted to write about for my column. Being an animal lover, sometimes the suspense of if an animal will survive the movie or not is a little too great for me. While worried about the family dog on “Fatal Attraction” (and guess I should have worried about the rabbit more), I discovered the website doesthedogdie.com.

Animal lovers, bookmark that site. You’ll be glad you did.

Stephanie Rebman is editor of The Oxford EAGLE. Contact her at stephanie.rebman@oxfordeagle.com.