Avoid pride in Playboy ranking

Published 12:00 pm Wednesday, September 16, 2015

While Mississippians were glued to the news watching the Delta State shootings develop on Monday, Playboy magazine put out its ranking of the nation’s upper echelon of party schools.

The University of Mississippi landed in the No. 9 slot.

Ohio University took the No. 1 spot, and it’s the fourth time the school has made the top 10 list.

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No. 2 was University of Iowa; No. 3, Florida State University; No. 4, Tulane University; No. 5. University of Illinois; No. 6, University of Texas; No. 7, Syracuse University; No. 8, University of Wisconsin; No. 10, University of Michigan.

According to a press release from the magazine, this year’s list was determined by the magazine’s editors who considered a variety of elements: access to nightlife and musical events, creativity for social gatherings and a reader’s poll with feedback.

More than 28 million social media fans were consulted also.

But Playboy didn’t just rely on social media — its editors also hit the hard facts that were found from the National Center for Education Statistics, the NCAA and the U.S. Economic Census.

This ranking probably makes a lot of students — the ones out partying on the town — excited. It probably embarrasses some, like the ones who are taking their education super seriously. It also is something the community shouldn’t necessarily be proud of.

With the partying culture comes drugs, sexual assaults, DUIs, public drunks, fake IDs and so much more. Because of the extra elements, the Oxford Police Department has heightened its efforts at enforcement on the prime partying real estate — the Square.

It’s wonderful that tiny Oxford has so much to offer students that they want to come to school here and even stay to build a life post-graduation. However, it’s more than students just drinking too much, throwing up and passing out. It’s to the point police ran an undercover prostitution sting this fall in conjunction with federal officers.

Business owners already enlist their bartenders to be vigilant about checking IDs to keep those under 21 from drinking, but the technology on fake IDs has gotten to the point where they can’t discern the difference between real and fake. City elected and business leaders should think about this situation and see what can be done to cut down on this practice locally.

Let’s not just chuckle and look the other way awkwardly or rejoice at the Playboy ranking. Let’s make Oxford a welcoming environment for students, but also find a way to ensure they are all safe.