COLUMN: In need of Halloween costume ideas

Published 3:31 pm Tuesday, September 22, 2015

It’s not even October and thanks to retailers, we have already had plenty of time to start thinking about Halloween.

And even Christmas.

But I’m not ready to talk about Christmas yet.

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Let’s talk pumpkins and Halloween costumes.

Every year the Rebman household and friends come for a visit for a pumpkin carving night. It’s a night to celebrate friendships and take out angst with a knife on a pumpkin or put your creative spark to the test and try a new design or three. The more pumpkins the merrier.

Usually I take pumpkin seeds and roast them after, and a couple times I made a pumpkin Kahlua cheesecake for folks to enjoy. Two years ago I bought a small pumpkin and saved it to make a pumpkin lasagna. But after sitting down and reading the recipe, it turned out that was too much of an undertaking and the pumpkin became a winter kitchen counter decoration.

This year I’ll tackle the pumpkins as usual, but my real focus is on the Halloween costume contest we are having here at the Oxford EAGLE. Not one to shy away from competition, I’m ready to say, “game on” and have spent some time researching creative costume ideas.

Let me tell you how everyone dressed last year and if you can think of a fun costume idea, do send it to me.

I’m looking at a picture and taking my best guess here at to who people were…

We have someone with gray hair in a robe and carrying a broom.

We have two soccer players.

Milton from “Office Space” – you know, the stapler guy.

Shaggy from Scooby Doo.

A jar of Jelly Bellys.


Darryl from “The Walking Dead.”

A panda.

Two hippies.

A cowboy.

A lady with a baby coming out of her belly.

Another comfortable granny?

A cat.

Is that my boss dressed as Super Mario without the mustache?

Drumroll, please …. last year’s winner was Darryl from TWD.

Last year’s event was super fun, I hear. Parents even brought kids by to see and enjoy the festivities.

This year you can be involved in addition to sending me a costume idea. You get to vote for your favorite on the EAGLE’s Facebook page on Oct. 30. 

So let’s have some fun.

Stephanie Rebman is editor of the Oxford EAGLE. Contact her at