Prepare for fall’s hazardous weather

Published 12:00 pm Wednesday, September 23, 2015

With cooler temperatures arriving and residents getting a break from the summer’s oppressive rays, it’s also time to remember severe weather could roll through.

The temperature changes cause shifts in the atmosphere that can create instability, and that makes us prone to tornadoes and other severe weather.

While the greater risk for tornadoes during the month of September is more in the Midwest and Oklahoma areas, according to the Weather Channel, the risk rises for us in Mississippi in November and December.

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The National Highway Institute has those dangerous months in mind and has named September National Preparedness Month. By looking ahead and realizing the risk for severe weather, families can plan ahead and know what to do when emergencies strike.

Families can sit down now and talk about where everyone can gather if severe weather hits.

While they are at it, they can update their fire escape plan. This doesn’t take long. It can be during a commercial break while the football game is on. If a tornado struck and knocked out cellphone towers, do you know how you will let your family know you’re safe? Do you know where you will try to meet up with your family if nobody can be reached by phone? Those answers can be determined fairly quickly.

Also in September you can get supplies for your car and home to prepare you for severe weather.

If there’s anything you need like tarps and outdoor materials, now is the time to do it with some summer items going on sale to make way for Halloween, and yes, Christmas merchandise. Gather up food too, whether it is canned goods or grab some bread to put in the freezer for a rainy day. Because you know the second someone says hurricane or tornado, there will be a mad rush for milk, bread and canned food.

Last, but not least, consider getting a mechanic to check out your car. If there is a disaster and you need to evacuate, it will be nice to have the peace of mind that your tire treads are looking good, you have the appropriate amount of oil, coolants and more.

Think now so if a disaster does hit, you are not sidelined.