Pet store partnership benefits OLHS

Published 12:00 pm Tuesday, September 29, 2015

A pet store chain in Pennsylvania has decided to make the switch from selling purebred puppies to shelter animals only, and 16 puppies from Oxford are among those getting a chance at a new life.

John Moyer with the Humane Society of the United States reached out to the Oxford-Lafayette Humane Society recently and lined up the transport for Oxford’s puppies Monday.

Cyd Dunlap, with OLHS, said board member Sam Lee drove the puppies over to Hoover, Alabama, where they got on a transport with Puppy Pipeline and they should have arrived in Lansdale, Pennsylvania, this morning at Pets Plus.

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“Since doing that from what I understand they cannot keep dogs in their stores,” Dunlap said of pet store chain Pets Plus. “This time they took 16 from us and 11 from a humane society, Hub City, in Hattiesburg. We should be able to send 35 every two weeks.”

There are currently about 135 animals in the shelter and about 100 in foster homes, so Dunlap said every attempt at finding homes for animals helps.

“It’ll cut down greatly on our euthanasia rate and give these puppies a chance at a forever home,” Dunlap said.