Teachers need resources

Published 12:00 pm Wednesday, September 30, 2015

International World Teacher’s Day will be observed on Monday — a day to give thanks to the role that educators play in teaching our children on a daily basis.

We all know that most educators don’t get into the teaching profession for the money. Teachers are a special breed of people and deserve our thanks for molding our children during those critical years of development. Most of us can remember a special teacher that played a pivotal role and helped shape who we are today.

Our L-O-U community is blessed with two strong school systems. The teachers of both of our school systems are dedicated to providing the best education possible. Most of our teachers have been with the school districts for a long time and have watched several generations of families come through their respective schools. Having the University of Mississippi in our backyard provides many of our high school graduates the opportunity to continue their educational experience.

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The funding of public education in the state of Mississippi is a hot issue at this time. Voters will have to decide whether to vote on Initiative 42 or Alternative Measure No. 42 A. If the voters of our state approve Initiative 42, our legislature will have to fully fund public education in Mississippi.

Teachers across the United State are having a hard time making ends meet as their salaries consistently fall below the rate of inflation. A recent survey released by the personal finance website WalletHub provides a “Best and Worst States for Teachers” list using 2015 data.

According to the data provided by WalletHub, one-fifth of new public school teachers leave their positions before they even finish one year. Nearly one-half will leave the teaching profession within five years.

The following are the statistics that were released regarding being a teacher in Mississippi and how it ranks with the rest of the United States. (1=Best; 25=Average)

• 18th — average starting salary for teachers

• 44th — median annual salary for teachers

• 40th — WalletHub “School Systems” ranking

• 32nd — teachers’ income growth potential

• 25th — projected number of teachers per student by 2022

• 49th — unemployment rate

• 47th — 10-year change in teacher salaries

• 26th— pupil-to-teacher ratio

•45th — public school spending per student

Let’s make sure that our teachers are compensated fairly for the work they do. Aren’t our kids worth it?