Egyptian cuisine now in Oxford

Published 12:00 pm Thursday, October 1, 2015

Rania Fouda grew up enjoying authentic Arabian cuisine her mother cooked, and now she is cooking the same recipes for customers who want to order directly from her Oxford home.

She specializes in all kinds of Egyptian, Arabian and Mediterranean food and operates mainly through her Egyptian Delights Facebook page.

The menu list contains, but is not limited to, different flavored hummus dips, babaganoosh or eggplant dip and stuffed grape leaves.

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Fouda also includes pastries, sweet treats and cakes for all occasions that can be ordered ahead of time for birthdays and special events.

Konafah is one of her popular sellers. It is an Arabian custard-like desert that Fouda specializes with her mother’s additions that she learned when she was young. It has a shredded crust, a sweet filling and is topped with roasted pistachios for a festive look. She also makes miniature baklava bites, dates and caramel cupcakes among other treats.

Fouda said sweet treats are popular in Egypt during feasts and after fasting times.

Fouda’s sweets are made with organic Grade A coconut oil. She rarely uses butter so her treats, such as Bird’s Nest and Baklava, are healthier and lower in calories. She also uses only 1/4 teaspoon of simple syrup on each baklava piece instead of 3 tablespoons.

“The regular baklava is 334 calories and in my baklava it’s only 78.5 calories,” Fouda said.

Fouda said several of her menu items are available without gluten also.

Prices vary, depending on individual orders. For more information regarding specific pricing and catering details, visit Fouda’s Egyptian Delights Facebook page.

Fouda said she loves cooking and running her small business and hopes to one day start a restaurant.

She said, “My parents, siblings, husband and kids are the secret behind every success.”