Car tag effort speaks volumes

Published 12:00 pm Friday, October 2, 2015

Oxford and Lafayette County are doing something not every community can boast.

Next week, if the Lafayette County School District reaches its goal of 300 specialty Commodore tags being ordered, it will mean all of the public schools have a tag.

The Oxford School District successfully completed a car tag blitz recently, and the University of Mississippi has had a car tag for some time.

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That means newcomers, visitors and residents will see not only school pride, but also will take note that education is a top priority in the L-O-U community.

Pam Swain, an organizer for the Lafayette County car tag drive, said we as residents are fortunate to have people showing pride in the school systems.

“For me, I feel like it says so much about our community to outsiders looking in that we support both our school systems in such a unique and endearing way that we want to show our pride on our vehicle tags,” she said. “It shows visitors to our area that we have school systems that stand above the rest and that we are proud to show it. It shows prospective newcomers that they are going to live in a community where education is important. Where the community supports our schools and our kids and education is a top priority.”

These days, teachers dip into their paychecks to ensure their students have supplies. Residents, who already pay taxes, donate money and materials to school supply drives at the beginning of the year. Everyone pulls money out of their wallet or purse when a child asks if you will buy something as a part of a school fundraiser. When so many people are already doing what they can for education, to step up and buy a car tag and send a little more money into the schools shows something.

It shows we are a community that values education and our children.

We are hopeful and confident the school district will reach its goal of 300 next week. Only 82 more tags need to be ordered. If you haven’t ordered yours, now is the time to do it. The positive effects of that extra $31 you will spend could last decades.