Seeing double standards in Oxford

Published 6:00 am Sunday, October 4, 2015

It seems to me that the city of Oxford should support its taxpayers.

The city sits back and plans how selected property owners are going to pay for the grandiose Vision 2037. They hire elaborate engineering firms to design the plans and then expect the property owners to spend millions to build buildings, covered parking, sidewalks, elaborate sewage systems, etc. Then the expense of  additional plans are passed to the property owner. When this is done the city demands that the buildings and plans (that the engineers drew up) be approved by the city. That’s an additional cost.

Regarding city planning history:

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I would like to make a point clear regarding trees in Mid-Town Shopping Center. I like them and I’m glad they are there. I would like to point out also though, that in 2009 it was brought to my attention that the trees would be put in or the city would fine us into action.

I asked the city if the old Mall on Jackson Ave was going to have trees installed.

The answer was no as it is government property. Is there a double standard here?

In February 2015, I wanted to add two rental spaces to the side of an existing building. The city said that there was not enough parking and expensive runoff sewage system would have to be installed. The plan for an extension was dropped.

Now with Vision 2037 the city wants to take at least 90 percent of the parking and remove or replace trees.  Parking is what brings customers to Mid-Town Shopping Center. The tenants need parking for making money in order to stay in business. After spending millions of dollars to implement Vision 2037 and therefore reducing the intake of customers, the tenants and Mid-Town would go out of business all the while holding millions in debt.

I may propose a plan to the city to make the square a grassy area with trees and sidewalks. I believe their answer would be no, as that would reduce parking.

I want the city of Oxford to be a beautiful as it can be but there has to be some practicality in City Planning.

Dave Tatum

Mid-Town Development