Health section upcoming

Published 12:00 pm Wednesday, October 14, 2015

At the end of this month EAGLE subscribers are in for a treat with our Oct. 30 Good Health magazine.

It’s bigger and better this year with more local content and will teach you a thing or two about health across the board.

For example, let’s talk about your eyes. Doctors recommend getting an eye screen every year. Often we think it’s because we need our vision checked. But that’s only half of an exam. Eye doctors can pick up things like high blood pressure, diabetes, AIDS and other chronic problems just by looking into the eye.

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Need some stress relief? Turns out having a pet in your life does just that. It also provides a ton of other physical and emotional benefits. That also will be explored in an article.

We also will have a story focused on the health of children from the birth to 5 years old range. That’s such a critical time for a child’s development that it was worthy of a focus in and of itself. We will have plenty of tips for childhood development so that you can hang on to this magazine for someone you know who is pregnant or who has a child and needs to see some tips and facts.

And the epicenter of health — Baptist Memorial Hospital — North Mississippi — will have an update on its new facility and what programs it offers residents.

We want to include all residents, so we have a story on the Special Olympics, because that is a tremendous health booster for those with special needs, in terms of both physical fitness and the emotional benefits of being on a team and being included.

For those who have fallen off the wagon and need to get back on, we will spotlight addiction and recovery. There are local resources that help turn lives around and are so helpful for communities.

There are a lot of trends these days that focus on keeping the mind fresh, no matter what your age, like online quizzes, adult coloring books and more. But we also will have a story on memory care, particularly for adults and senior adults, and will discuss what options there are in Oxford and Lafayette County for those who need a little extra help.

These are not all of the stories, but we have tried to find topics relevant to everyone, whether it is you who need a reminder to get an eye exam or know of someone who would be well-served to read more about improving memory or getting some addiction support.