Stuttering awareness day is today

Published 12:00 pm Thursday, October 22, 2015

International Stuttering Awareness Day is today, and you should know that more than 70 million people stutter worldwide.

Here are four facts about stuttering:

1. Stuttering is not caused by being shy or anxious. However, having a stutter affects a person’s ability to speak easily and feel in control of their speech, which in turn can affect their ability to communicate confidently.

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2. There is a genetic component to stuttering. Approximately 60 percent of those who stutter have a family member who stutters as well.

3. Stuttering is treatable. Early intervention is effective and often focuses on reducing stuttering to minimal levels.

4. Famous people who stutter include Emily Blunt, James Earl Jones, Darren Sproles, Tiger Woods, Marilyn Monroe, Winston Churchill, King George VI, Carly Simon, Marc Anthony and many others.

It’s easy to get educated about stuttering. Start by visiting the nonprofit Stuttering Foundation’s website,

Foundation materials are in 9,200 public libraries nationwide. To find your local library, click on “Resources” and then “Check Your Library” at

Let’s work together to make a difference for those who stutter.

Jane Fraser


The Stuttering Foundation