Oxford School District agenda

Published 6:00 am Sunday, October 25, 2015

The Board of Trustees

Oxford School District

Regular meeting agenda

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Oct. 26, 2015

5 p.m.

Oxford Middle School Lecture Center, 222 Bramlett Blvd.

I. Call to Order

II. Pledge of Allegiance

III. Additions to and approval of agenda

IV. Recognitions

A. National Merit Semi-Finalists

V. Public Participation

VI. Staff/Superintendent reports

A. Staff

1. Financial Statements 

2. Capital Projects Update 

3. Child Nutrition Update 

4. Technology Report 

5. Smart Track Survey Results 

6. Teacher Attendance Report

7. Student Attendance Report

8. School Safety Report

9. School Climate Report

10. Energy Savings Report

B. Superintendent

VII. Action consideration

A. Consent business

1. Approve minutes of September 28, October 15 and October 16

2. Approve Docket of Claims

3. Declaration of Surplus Equipment

4. Approve Personnel Report

5. Approve donations/grants

a. $5,000 from Dr. Todd Roth and Oxford Orthopedic Group to OHS Baseball Program

b. $3,868 from Oxford Athletics Booster Club to OMS Football Program

c. $2,080 from Oxford Athletics Booster Club by way of Sigma Chi Fraternity to OMS Football Program

d. $2,000 from Mr. and Mrs. Albert Huddleston to OHS Soccer Program

6. Approve agreements/contracts

a. Chandler Motor Company Lease Agreement

b. Discovery Education Agreement

c. University of Mississippi Clinical Affiliation Agreement

d. Curriculum Associates – iReady Professional Development

7. Approve Curriculum Associates as the Sole Source for iReady Materials

8. Approve Huddletrip Proposal to Plan a Trip for OHS Choir

9. Approve District Test Security Plan

10. Approve School Wellness Plan

11. Approve Student Teacher Placement

12. Approve Disposal of Special Education Student Records

B. Unfinished business

1. Consider revision of School Board Policy EE Food Services Management (second reading)

2. Consider adoption of School Board Policy JGEB Concussion Management and Return to Play (second reading)

C. New business

1. Consider Options for Capital Improvements

2. Consider the Engagement of Butler Snow as the Dissemination Agent for Continuing Disclosure

3. Consider revision of School Board Policy JG School Wellness Policy (first reading)

4. Consider Adoption of School Board Policy MFB Student Teaching and Internship (first reading)

5. Consider Adoption of School Board Policy KJA School Volunteers (first reading)

VIII. Closed Determination of Executive Session

IX. Adjournment