Bus side-swipes three vehicles on Saturday, no one injured

Published 12:03 pm Monday, October 26, 2015

Two cars, including one of Oxford’s iconic double decker buses, were towed away from the scene of a wreck Saturday.

According to the Oxford Police Department, the bus was traveling on University Avenue coming off campus when it approached the traffic light at South 9th Street.

Three cars were waiting to turn left into South 9th when the double decker bus attempted to go around the cars turning left and apparently misjudged the space and side-swiped the three vehicles.

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“He thought he had enough room but apparently, he did not,” said OPD Chief Joey East this morning.

No one was hurt in the wreck, but the double decker’s left fender was damaged enough that the bus needed to be towed from the scene.

Two of three vehicles hit by the double decker also needed to be towed; however, OPD officials said damage was minor to moderate on the vehicles.

“We are very glad no one was hurt,” said Mayor Pat Patterson.

The city paid $50,000 for two newer double decker buses that recently arrived in town after a long trek from Arizona. The bus involved the wreck Saturday was not one of the new buses, according to East.

The current vintage buses in Oxford are both about 50 years old. The buses traveled the streets of England for 30 years before being purchased and shipped into Oxford.

The wreck is still under investigation, according to OPD.