Residents’ thoughts matter on UM flag

Published 12:00 pm Monday, October 26, 2015

Regarding the vote to remove the state flag from Ole Miss:

You have changed our name to the university, you have changed our mascot, you have banned the flag of the South and now you want to remove the state flag.

All of this has been done by students — students that are not permanent residents of Lafayette County. What about the people that live here? Does our opinion not matter? The entire state voted on the state flag a few years back and we voted to keep it. Does this mean that you are ashamed to be in the state of Mississippi?

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You changed the name from Ole Miss and yet even on the games on TV and when they talk about it in the news they still call it Ole Miss, that should tell you something.

You banned the flag of the South from your events and yet a person can wear a shirt with any obscenities on it they wish to wear.

You let people that do not live here permanently decide things that they should not have a say in.

It’s bad when a university no longer gets the support of its own hometown.

Marion Bowles