County vehicle issue being addressed

Published 12:00 pm Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Lafayette County officials are “aware” and have “addressed” the issue following the revelation this week of a video that allegedly shows a county employee leaving a local liquor store with what is believed to be alcohol and driving away in a county vehicle.

The video currently circulating was supposedly taped just after 1 p.m. Saturday.

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When contacted Tuesday for comment after the EAGLE received a copy of the video, County Administrator Joseph Johnson said, “We are aware of the video. It has been addressed and we cannot provide details on personnel matters.”

When asked what the county policy is regarding the use of county vehicles by employees, Johnson said, “no vehicle or equipment may be used by a county employee for personal use.”

“In the event an employee is found to have violated this policy, discipline can result in any one of the following forms: supervisor conference, written reprimand, suspension without pay for up to five days or termination,” he said.

Johnson did say there are county employees who are allowed to take county vehicles home.

Johnson would not confirm if there had been any other recent instances where the policy of misusing a county vehicle have taken place or if this particular instance in the video was deemed a violation of county policy.

The incident is reminiscent to an event that took place in late September where individuals were videotaped icing down cases of alcohol outside a Mississippi Department of Transportation truck at a convenience store.

MDOT public affairs director Jarrod Ravencraft said Tuesday that investigation is complete. He also stated the matter is a personnel issue and the “necessary disciplinary action has been taken.”