Political debate a success

Published 11:57 am Thursday, October 29, 2015

Last night more than 150 people gathered at the Oxford Conference Center to hear from candidates vying for a seat in Tuesday’s election.

Even more tuned in to Super Talk 93.7 to hear the debate on the radio.

Thanks to some EAGLE staff members, our co-hosts Super Talk 93.7 and the Oxford Conference Center, those attendees now have a better understanding of supervisor, House and Senate candidates and can arrive at Tuesday’s polls ready to make an educated vote.

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EAGLE Editor Stephanie Rebman did a great job leading discussion and guiding candidates through a tough series of questions. Rick Mize with Super Talk 93.7 kept attendees entertained during breaks by interviewing those at the debate and talking with Publisher Tim Phillips. Advertising Director Nikki McDonald and Managing Editor Rob Sigler kept time and Mize’s Super Talk crew made sure the sound was on and working for all to hear.

The Oxford Conference Center welcomed guests with coffee and refreshments, a clean meeting space and a stage fully prepared for the debate. City Editor Alyssa Schnugg took notes during the debate, writing articles for anyone who may have missed it in today’s edition of the EAGLE. Growth, Initiative 42, health care, county roads and fire coverage were all topics discussed in the debate. If you were unable to attend, look at Pages 5 and 8 for Schnugg’s story.

And finally, we’d like to thank the candidates — Lafayette County Supervisor District 1: Rickey Babb, Kevin Frye, Brian Hyneman; Lafayette County Supervisor District 3: David Rikard, Dale Timothy Gordon, Zack Carey; Lafayette County Supervisor District 5: Mike Roberts; House District 12: Brad Mayo and Jay Hughes; and Senate District 9: Gray Tollison and Cristen Hemmins — our event wouldn’t have been possible without you and your commitment to Oxford and Lafayette County.

Lafayette County has blessed those lucky enough to call it home with so much — a beautiful place to live, two highly rated school districts and candidates who care about the community.

Use the time between now and Tuesday’s election to think about the candidates and their views, and choose the person you think would be best to lead the L-O-U community. Think about Tuesday’s schedule and make sure you have time to go to the polls and vote. If you have questions, call one of the candidates. They will be happy to share their views, and even happier to see you have a vested interested in this community.